Pumps and Water Treatment for New Poultry Farm

A poultry farm was in dire need of a water treatment solution after discovering the supply from the borehole was not suitable drinking water for the chickens. As water quality directly affects egg production, not to mention the welfare of the chickens, it was important for us to provide a robust system that would keep the chickens and farmers happy for the foreseeable future.


New Poultry Farm, Somerset


Borehole Pumping & Water Treatment


The onsite borehole water supply was not suitable as drinking water for the chickens as the water analysis report showed high levels of Sulphates, Iron, turbidity, hardness and bacteria.


We designed a complete package for the site to include raw water pumping, treatment of the raw water and final boosting around the new farm.

Backwash flow rates of the required water treatment equipment was critical as well as ensuring we supplied the final treated water at the right pressure and volume as required by the farm.

Our supply included:

  • Borehole pump & motor
  • Water Treatment equipment
    • Turbidex filter: to remove sediment and oxidised Iron
    • Anti-scalant dosing system: to protect the RO membranes from scale
    • Reverse osmosis system: to remove Sulphates and all other impurities
    • UV system: to deactivate bacteria
    • pH correction: to re-mineralise the water after RO treatment
  • Cold Water Booster set
    • Powerboost Flow V 2-pump variable speed set to pump the treated water from the onsite storage tank around the farm to the chickens as required

Poultry Farm Water Treatment Poultry Farm Water Treatment Solution


With the pumping and treatment of the water all in the one design and supply, we have ended up with a very integrated solution and optimised controls. The system now provides highly purified water to egg laying chickens, with user-friendly controls for the client.

Client Feedback

“The site has reported above average egg production. The kit all worked as expected right from the start and hasn’t missed a beat since”

What to do if your borehole is not providing clean water

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