Water Boosting

Demand for water pressure boosting is ever increasing, and resultantly so too is the need for exceptionally engineered pump solutions.

Our wealth of engineering expertise and experience has enabled us to craft a diverse and best-in-class product range that can satisfy all your water boosting needs.

Booster Sets  |  Integrated Cold Water Booster System  |  Pumps & Controllers  |  CAT5 Break Tanks  |  Automatic Water Boosting Systems |  Temporary Site Water Boosting

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Multi pump sets cover larger variations in flow more efficiently than is possible with a single pump, especially if the duty is large.

The range extends from sets suitable for larger single dwellings, hotels and guest houses, through to full scale commercial and high-rise water supplies, including BMS compatible systems and units to full “Utility” specification.

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Powertank Water Booster Systems

A space saving solution for domestic and light commercial and agricultural applications in which the pumps are submerged inside a potable plastic water tank made from a WRAS approved material, measured to fit each application, reducing space and noise. Featuring the same advanced smart controls as a traditional set, systems can be single pump, multipump in a single tank, or multipump with individual tanks to give full flexibility for maintenance and cleaning downtime (or where access for a large tank is restricted).

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Pumps & Controllers

Efficient and quiet, these plug and play options are designed to boost water from a storage or header tank. Our self-priming pumps and controllers are used extensively by hire fleets to boost temporary water from tanks and bowsers to construction sites, festivals, events, shows and exhibitions.


We offer a range of water tanks designed with a Type AB Air gap incorporating a rectangular weir overflow suitable for Fluid Category 5. This means it can be used for applications where increased backflow protection is required. CAT5 tanks are standard for the Powertank Compact or is an optional upgrade for the Slimline, Utility & Industrial ranges.

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DG PED is an automatic water boosting system with an inverter which integrates a built-in high efficiency self-priming pump, an accumulator tank, pressure and flow rate sensors

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Bespoke Water Boosting Solutions

Perfect water pressure is so important for any home or business, and is absolutely essential for many applications. Pumping water efficiently, safely, and properly is our passion, and our goal is to make sure you have the correct equipment for your needs.

Our water pressure boosting products and solutions speak volumes about our expertise and experience, meaning that we are equipped to provide the right water pressure solution for your application. If you are looking to explore your options or are looking for custom solutions for your water boosting needs, we are here to help.

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