Sewage & Drainage

Removing unwanted water from flooding, drains and toilets is critical to our health and wellbeing. With years of experience in this field, we are able to help you select the right pump for your application.

Large scale projects can easily be accommodated with a range of sewage and drainage submersible pumps extensively used in storm and foul pumping stations and treatment plants. Specialised applications requiring high heads, ATEX standard, specialist materials or cutter and grinder pumps are all in a day’s work for Pedrollo Distribution.

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Removing Sewage Water: Vortex Pumps

High efficiency Vortex pumps create a whirlpool effect to move water without any mechanical parts having to touch the sewage. This means the solids don’t go through the impeller but bypass it which make these sewage pumps reliable and unlikely to suffer blockages. Suitable for continuous heavy-duty service for dirty water, foul water, sewage, industrial waste and effluent water, these are typically installed in sewage pump stations.

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Removing Sewage Water: Grinder Pumps

If you have to move sewage a long way or have a small discharge pipe you will typically need a grinder pump. Equipped with a highly resistant and tempered stainless steel cutter system allowing for the total shredding of solids and fibres contained in wastewater and sewage, these are the most reliable sewage pumps for many applications both domestic and commercial.

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Storm Water Removal

Submersible pumps with a double channel impeller are ideal for moving storm water fast. The design of the impeller optimises efficiency while allowing the pump to handle muddy water containing short fibred suspended solids without problems.

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Drainage Pumps

Drainage Pumps

Drainage pumps are designed for ‘clean water’ which can contain small soft particles. Ideal for moving treated effluent water or excess rainwater to drain and soakage areas.

Designed to move a lot of water fast, these submersible pumps generally have lower heads.

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Packaged Pump Stations

There are many situations where they is a need to remove rain, ground, or waste water and it is not possible to gravity feed to a drainage system. A packaged pump station will collect the water and pump it to the sewage drain. These are commonly used in basements and property extensions.

We offer pump stations with Pedrollo Top 2 pumps which are designed for removing clean or rainwater, for waste or sewage water we offer systems with Pedrollo VX pumps with 50mm solids handling.

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Powerdrain Packaged Pump Stations

The Whole Package

Working with some of the leading European manufacturers, Pedrollo Distribution can supply a pump for an individual cellar or drainage project, or work with OEMs to specify and supply the right pumps at competitive bulk terms.

The stocked range starts from pumps for cellars and sumps, includes 2” pumps for light sewage and drainage duties, and extends to fully featured 65/80 and 100mm models for guide-rail installations along with the necessary panels, pedestals, valves and floats. We can offer adaptors from stock and can manufacture bespoke adaptors. Our Channel, Vortex and Grinder pumps are available with EX / ATEX rated motors.

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